Minimalism of Veganism: How Veganism Helps Minimalism

“For as long as men massacre animals they will kill each other. indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.” ~ Pythagoras

Minimalism and veganism go hand in hand. They share alike concepts and reasons. That’s why so many minimalists are (or prefer to go) vegans.

1.Veganism cuts off unnecessary.Same with the main goal of minimalism (which is cutting off the unnecessary) veganism literally makes lifestyle cleaner. In this modern age of science and technology, we all know that all of the nutrients for our body can be collected from a plant-based diet. There’s no need of unnecessary animal suffering, deforestation for animal agriculture, and chronic diseases from animal products. By going vegan, one can stop being a reason for so many unnecessary clutter and damages caused by humans food choices.

2.Plant based diet is easy. Plant based ingredients are not only easy to culture but also easy to prepare and digest. Unlike animal-based foods which need a lot of energy ( labor, industrial and physical) to get nutrients reached to the cells.

3.Plant based diet takes less time. One can easily tell which takes less time to process. The ultimate goal of any nutritious food is to provide energy to the body. Meat and other animal products take huge amount time to get processed as “meals” and the more time a meal takes to get prepared the more time it will take to get digested in  the body. Does anyone ever felt tired after drinking fruit juice? (compared to any animal dishes; small or large).

4.Veganism is good for the environment. Which is more environment-friendly: Cutting down a forest for agriculture plus feeding those animals plants meant to be consumed by humans or planting more plants to be just consumed by humans? Farming plants take significantly less area than farming meat. Animal agriculture is not only the cause of the 51% greenhouse gas emissions (Largest contributor of methane on earth) but also considered the primary reason for world hunger (most of the grains and seeds are consumed by livestock). The industry also caused a significant biomass imbalance (Scientists predict fishless ocean by 2048). And now how can a minimalist be a part of such massacre?

5.Veganism improves the economy. Many people think going vegan will cause a great loss for the animal industries (which is true) but rarely consider that it won’t be a loss at all. I agree that livestock is a huge part of the economy but I also know that the world won’t go vegan overnight. It’s a trend and if you have noticed, most animal product based food companies trying vegan options. It’s transitioning. There’s at least one vegan option over five meal choices. And if you compare more people with lesser skills is required to run plant-based food system. Consumers can get their food in lesser time without even going for highly processed or preserved food options.

6.Veganism is simple. Veganism is really simple than it appears. As mentioned in 2nd and 3rd point it not only takes less time but also it easy. One does not need to learn rocket science to prepare vegan dishes. One can grow plants at home and enjoy the whole process. Consuming is also simple: you either juice/blend, boil/fry and mostly eat them raw.

7.Veganism is a meaningful choice.After reading all of the points above there are no reasons to avoid veganism. It has larger than personal meaning to be adopted. Anim minimalism is all about having meanings and reasons. And excluding unnecessary choices.

As it is clear to us that  it makes no sense choosing just one (But you can choose one for personal reasons but it will not last longer). Having a noble reason to adopt a lifestyle not only helps to make the world better but also makes you feel good about the choice you made.

Let me hear what you think about this in the comment section. And embrace minimalism and make it thrive with veganism 🙂



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