2016: June Goals Update

My January started with an article based on my new year’s resolution. I read in self-help books that making your goals public gives you enough momentum for their achievement. I am writing this post because updating my progress is part of it and here’s how June was for me:

  1. Read 13+ Books: I have finished two small sized books titled Minimalism: Live A Meaningful Life by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus and It Works by R H J. Currently in the middle of Art Of War by San Tzu.
  2. Build a Passive Income Source: Though I can live off with Mturk earnings but it still is not passive. It’s been over 2 months I applied for Merch by Amazon but it still needs to get approved. I am glad that I have enough patience and being persistent.
  3. Travel: I have two places in mind & confident enough to achieve them before the year ends.
  4. Vegan: Learning more, meeting new people (vegans), and being more active to raise awareness. I also watched documentaries like Blackfish, Unity, and Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days .
  5. Workout and Meditate: Goal achieved (well, 50%)! My goal was to create a habit of exercising daily last month was the most consistent month I ever had. It’s automatic to my system now. Now I can focus on meditation. Maybe get committed for a 30-day-challenge…
  6. Blog: The first half of the month was really irregular. I had not scheduled my posts and the weather caused the local internet server long lasting problems for a couple of times. But I learned the importance of scheduling and was able to get back up in the other half.

Conclusion: It’s just been half of the year yet and I can already tell how amazing the differences are. Though I love writing but blogging was a dare to me. It was literally getting out of comfort zone. One year ago in June I posted my first ever blog post online and it took me more than six months to publish the second one. But today, after another six months I am kind of addicted to blogging because of the circle of bloggers I have who regularly give my blog their precious time to encourage me. I will forever be grateful for them for preventing me to procrastinate. I appreciate your time 🙂


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