They have eyes to see and ears to hear Same as we do. They speak and they cry under fear Which we never listen to. That’s failure.  

GandhiGiri & The Vegan Movement

What I relate to Gandhi’s philosophy of revolution and vegan movement.

Veganism Is Easy

Out there you’ll find people claiming veganism to be hard, extreme and inconvenient. Non-vegans will say how impossible it is to make a transition and ex-vegans will say how unpractical it was to stay vegan. Inconvenience is not an option to fight hate. Like racism and sexism, speciesism also needs to be acted with noncooperation….

Best Vegan Documentaries So Far (Updated 2017)

One year ago, I made this post with a collection of best documentaries I found helpful for Veganism. Within one year the revolution has forwarded tremendously. There have been new releases and I discovered some old ones. Basically the list has grown as healthy as it could be. Here it goes: -Documentaries- Part One: Animals…

My Thoughts On The Vegan Flag

Alright! The vegan agenda has a official flag now. It already had it’s different logos and color. But, this new object has divided the community apart. As like all other philosophical concepts Veganism too has two different mindset of people. Some take it aggressively some the other way. Which group do I belong? What I…

The Day I Went Vegan

Every vegan has their own story about how the decided to choose this life. Some went after becoming informed about the industrial torture on the animals, some to be more environment friendly, and some even are since birth. Here’s mine. After I came to know about simplicity of life aka minimalism, it was predictable that…

Thank You For Being Vegan

To all vegans new and old, I know it’s been hard for most of you guys. I know how hard it is to live by a belief the society does not agree with. I know how it feels to be helpless, not enough effective, and constantly loosing hope in humanity. Thank you for wearing that…

Justifying Injustice

Justifying Injustice with the 4 N’s. #Normal, #Natural #Necessary and #Nice.