Why Some People Quit Veganism?


Sometimes I see people sharing why they had to quit veganism. They quit after few months or even after decades of living a vegan lifestyle. I have been vegan for a few years now. Here are my thoughts about it.


People go vegan as soon as they are aware of the benefits of it. Mainly to save their health, animals, and the environment. They can go vegan overnight after seeing documentaries or reading articles about the consequences of consuming animal products. That’s great! It’s default in our DNA to make this world a better place.

Cutting eating habits influenced by emotions is easy. But the problem is most new vegans focus on just cutting rather than choosing to replace. And that causes the main reason to quit. The health problems. The main and probably the only reason to quit veganism.

As sentient beings, humans do something either from pain or pleasure. Going vegan is mainly driven by pain. The pains of being responsible for animal cruelty, deforestation, and even the global warming and world hunger keep us away from consuming animal products.

But when we stop supporting our health, it eventually will stop cooperating according to our needs. It’s like a machine and it has it’s own requirements to function correctly. It causes pain. A pain that forces us to quit vegan life.



There are certain things to keep in mind to be a vegan for life.

  • Don’t cut, replace. Replace your daily animal products with plant-based items. Like meat with tofu, egg with bananas etc. Eat everything plant-based possible (it’s okay if you don’t like certain items), go for varieties. In this way, your body will get every nutrient required. You can consult a nutritionist to plan out a plant-based diet plan for you and you can also read books like “How Not To Die“.
  • Associate pleasure, not pain. Pain and pleasure are two opposite sides of the coin. They are always there and it’s up to you to choose which one to get influenced by. Pain pushes you but pleasure pulls you. So, if you rather relate pleasure for being vegan you will find it’s easier to follow. Create a list of pleasures you feel for being vegan and read/update it regularly.
  • Be your own inspiration. You understand yourself best. It’s up to you what veganism means to you. Be the vegan you want to be inspired by. Be an example of healthy and fit vegan by eating correctly and exercising daily. It will erase most of the doubts for you.

Quitting any habit is personal misguidance. People quit good habits because they associate short term pains as excuses. Every lifestyle change is uncomfortable but that does not mean it’s unworthy. Lacking information and knowledge is the reason so many people are not living a healthy life.


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  1. Health Mastery Movement says:

    I love the sentiment behind veganism. Lessening the suffering of our fellow animals is ideal. Eating mostly whole, plant-based foods is also very healthy.

    The issue I come across is those who have a multitude of intolerances… primarily gluten (grains in general), soy, beans, nuts & seeds… Those are all staples of the vegan diet. I have a feeling only living off of veggies and fruit alone isn’t optimal for one’s health. It seems like those foods tend to be bad for people suffering from IBS or similar disorders.

    Animal rights are *extremely* important, but so is one’s well-being. If you’re doing everything you can to lead a healthy vegan lifestyle and it’s not working, it’s not worth losing your health over–as sad as it is to have to eat animal products (in moderation). The very least they can do is only eat organic pasture-raised local meat. (Yes, I know that still involves a sentient being being slaughtered… There’s no real way around it.)

    This is the second time I heard of “How Not To Die,” so I’ll definitely look into it.

    I’m not here to discredit your lifestyle or anything, by the way. I respect people’s lifestyle choices. 🙂

    Perhaps you can share some alternatives for people who can’t really eat beans, wheat, and/or soy without A LOT of discomfort.

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    1. zenomad says:

      Thanks for sharing your perspective. I understand your point and I love people who at least give it a thought.

      I am learning about loopholes and problems with vegan diet. That’s why started reading books like “How Not to Die” (Glad you wish to read it!)

      I do have plan to write an article on these topics in the future. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Health Mastery Movement says:

        And thank you for yours. 🙂

        Excellent! I look forward to reading it. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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