GandhiGiri & The Vegan Movement

In this modern world where people are smarter than a century ago, force and violence seems like a hard way to make friends. That’s where I am a fan of Gandigiri. His paths of nonviolence and noncooperation work smoother now.

I am happy that there’s a bigger cause for our society to be literally more compassionate and kind than ever not for some selfish causes like health and spirituality but to leave a better planet for the future earthlings.

Most of our elders were unaware of the side effects of the greeds they nourished. Some of them were ignorants too. They did not care for us, which seems the reason behind all the environmental and economical blunders we are currently dealing with. But the good news is we have options in our hand now. Either to clear the mess we were put in, or just to ignore it. We have is boundless informations that is growing rapidly and getting easier to reach. And form my perspective, I believe,  it’s not worthy enough to be blamed on hundred year after your death. Just as a small number of people was able to ruin our home and friends, we also as a small group of people, can fix it.

In the next year I am going to actively participate in educating more people about Veganism and carnism. Educating others about the fact, understanding others who were in the dark and keeping a positive mindset is listed in my rules of Gandigiri.

The first step of Gandhi philosophy in Veganism is to Noncooperation.  When I became aware of the truth, the miserable lives of innocent animals  I took the first step by going vegan. I stopped consuming and using animal related products so that I personally don’t contribute to the suffering. This is the first baseline of being vegan.

The second step is to be Nonviolent. I believe in the existence of verbal violence. Words do hurt people. I am aware that I may sound like an apologetic vegan but to me the meaning of compassion includes all beings, and the goal of demolishing Speciesism means removing all hate. I am aware that there are billions of animals are tortured and murdered each day but I am the rational fool who dreams to win this war by making friends not more enemies. We have to make them believe that we are the normal ones or else we may take too much time just blaming others.

I too am in hurry to end this holocaust and I am willing to create and participate in every Domino, Snowball, and Ripple effects. But to make all that happen we need more people in some sort of activism. I want all the vegans to be Vegucating people around them. Happily we all are doing so. We all are born vegans, we just need to reignite the fire dimmed by the illusion of Speciesm.



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