Life Update: Where Was I?

Sometimes life takes you for a ride to realize the reality; and it’s not a bad thing. Out of couple of hundreds of semicolon I have used so far in my life, some of them indeed was grammatically correct! Same with other decisions of our life. Not everyone of them is going to take you to the right path, but they are same as important of the right ones. And writing this semi-gibberish might be something that could make this an interesting opening paragraph. It’s quite alike the mindset I have been on for last three months.

So I took few decisions. Big ones (To me they really are big, believe me).

  1. Went Back to School: After almost four years of  being a dropout I finally decided to rejoin the path of academics. The gut-feeling tells me that this dot will somehow help me for the revolution for the animals and earth I participated in.
  2. Joined A Random Computer Training Course: Even though I already have a diploma on computers I will added this to my list because it will help me meet more people. This plus the school will help me to be better with my communication skills and also I will be more outgoing (Trying not to be a weird awkward introvert anymore [I just want the weird and awkward to be nonexistent]).

These will definitely put me out of my comfort-zone and give me some momentum.

PS: As far as this blog is concerned, I will continue it even if I am not regular.



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