Why I Haven’t Flown Yet

One of the first goal of this blog was to push me out to live a nomad life. I wanted traveling to be an important part of my life (and I will make it happen). A large part of my intention to make life simple is targeted to make it flexible and portable. I practice minimalism to simplify the necessities and one of the reason I went vegan was to make it easier. I adopted my-self to work online so that I can work from anywhere.

But more than couple of years later I am still at the same place where I began. 80% ready and 20% unable. I live a simple life, eat a vegan diet, earn enough to live off and not afraid to be afraid out there. There’s a simple rule: One cannot and should not ignore duties and responsibilities for selfish wishes. Undoubtedly the goal of nomad-life was a self-centered one. Not stating it’s an unworthy one I still have duties to do before I am comfortable to leave. I grew up in a joint family and I am attached to it. I saw my elders making personal sacrifices to brought us up. Now I am at the stage of life where I have two generations to look after me.

Earlier I thought life to be unfair and these “forced responsibilities” to be the dream crushers. During the process I felt weak twice. First time it was for not being able to get what “I” wanted and second for not being able to provide what my family needed. The decision was simple. Some people may feel it as an excuse and I don’t care. It’s one of the tasks I feel proud to take on and I will definitely find my way through.

I like my choices.


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