Veganism Is Easy

Out there you’ll find people claiming veganism to be hard, extreme and inconvenient. Non-vegans will say how impossible it is to make a transition and ex-vegans will say how unpractical it was to stay vegan.

Inconvenience is not an option to fight hate. Like racism and sexism, speciesism also needs to be acted with noncooperation. Animal liberation or any liberation wasn’t a personal choice at the first place. building up resistance to protect the victims strengthens us and gives us better reasons to stick with it.

I often get asked, “Don’t you miss the taste?” or “Have you never felt an urge to take a bite?” The honest answer would be: there was a time when my body did betray my thought but my reasons were way stronger than my appetite. The infinite strength of reasons eventually turned my delights into disgusts.

Any people who takes veganism as a trend or a habit of health improvement seldom will be committed. So, if the main goal of veganism -which is to save all animals- is clear then there won’t be any ex-vegans. I understand people going vegan for health reasons but to stay a committed vegans one has to put animals at the top of the list.


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