Best Vegan Documentaries So Far (Updated 2017)

One year ago, I made this post with a collection of best documentaries I found helpful for Veganism. Within one year the revolution has forwarded tremendously. There have been new releases and I discovered some old ones. Basically the list has grown as healthy as it could be. Here it goes:


Part One: Animals (Meet the Victims)

06c92-1441569759158Earthlings (2006)

If there is something called classic in this genre then Earthlings deserves the crown. The activists use it for having the most graphic footage (Warning!).


1-sht templateFood, inc. (2008)

Another revealing movie as the Earthlings showing how animals are forcefully breed, fed and tortured. Also shows some conspiracies.



images (1)Blackfish (2013)

A movie about the dark side of Sea-World. Shows the unbearable life of a killer-whale named Tilikum.



120_THE_COVE_e?xe?:Mise en page 1Cove (2009)

The horrific revealing of Japanese industry that catches dolphins for meat and how it poisons the water.





images (2)Racing Extinction (2015)

A documentary focusing on the sad side. About how over the years humans caused extinctions of many species of animals.




Part Two: Environment (What have we done.)

p10935874_p_v8_aaCowspiracy (2014)

Reveals how the livestock industry’s big shadow on global warming and exposes why Eco-friendly organizations are doing nothing about it.



before_the_flood Before the Flood (2016)

Not a direct vegan movie but it definitely shows the horrific future of the earth. Focuses mainly on the animal agriculture industry’s effect on climate change.


Part Three: Health (Karma)

imagesForks over Knives (2011)

One of the classics of whole-food-plant-based diet. Reviews ChinaStudy and reveals diet and disease relations.



p13958316_p_v8_aaWhat the Health (2017)

From the guys of cowspiracy exposes the health organizations hiding the facts about the dark politics of making humans consume animal products.


foodmattersFood Matters (2008)

This documentary explores the reason why there is a billion dollar medicine industry while most of the illness can be cured with just eating right food.


Part Four: Think (Question Everything.)

7cf34-unity_squarespace1 Unity (2015)

The following part of the Earthlings series. This masterpiece beautifully reasons and shows us how everything we do is related to each other. How all turns into one.


81LaJOWNzhL._RI_SX200_ Speciesism (2013)

A movie about hate towards other species. Makes us realize and compare human oppression throughout the history.





The Superior Human? (2012)

Questions the claims of the humans about being intelligent of all species. Worthy enough to destroy anyones ego.




Carnage (2017)

Beautifully illustrates how future humans will react the time humans used the animals as properties as we now do on slavery and other barbaric cultures.



Vegucated (2011)

An experiment on three people exposed to the facts and how that changes their world views.




I tried find the most free links possible. Till some of them requires purchasing.

P.S. Feel free to suggest me if something I may have missed.


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