My Thoughts On The Vegan Flag

Alright! The vegan agenda has a official flag now. It already had it’s different logos and color. But, this new object has divided the community apart. As like all other philosophical concepts Veganism too has two different mindset of people. Some take it aggressively some the other way. Which group do I belong?

What I love about the flag?

Simply, it looks beautiful. And if also feels the need of a branding, so, it looks unique. The colors are beautiful when I visualize a festival with that theme.

Why I don’t like it?

As like many other vegans I dream to turn the whole world vegan, not vegan the whole world, the kind of identity the flag gives is not the way I want it. I dream a day when veganism will be mainstream and vegans will be the majority. If we start claiming us as a completely different group it will do no good for the revolution. I want veganism to be an inseparable part of the societies. Educating people is more important than collecting all vegans under one umbrella. I also do not support the concept of “Vegan Country” – these do not serve the main purpose of the goal.


I understand both perspectives. It indeed is a nice thing to have. But it’s not necessary.


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  1. Sami May says:

    I agree! I don’t exactly mind it and have no problem with people who like it & use it – but I think it’s really uneccessary. Being apart of the LGBTQA+ community, I’m beyond familiar with the concept of everyone wanting a flag, but I think in cases like this it is taken a wee bit too far.

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    1. Let’s see where it takes the movement.


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