The Day I Went Vegan

Every vegan has their own story about how the decided to choose this life. Some went after becoming informed about the industrial torture on the animals, some to be more environment friendly, and some even are since birth. Here’s mine.

After I came to know about simplicity of life aka minimalism, it was predictable that I would come to think about simplifying the diet. A diet with lesser side effects on my mind and body. A diet easy to prepare and easier to digest. So, I searched online and found that cutting off animal products is the best for what I wanted. [I also learned that this will help me with the Shadripu] By far I have no idea about veganism; I was what I have learned now is called conditioned carnist like everyone else.

I cut off animal products form my plate for my own selfish need. The start was pretty crazy. I decided to cut fish, eggs and milk at once (I stopped eating months before this and had no idea about honey). I chose 1st of April not only because it’s a beginning of a month but also it would be easier for me to call it a prank/joke if it was “impossible” (Believe it or not!).

But with no surprise it went nice and smooth, and I stared to add more days. I was passively learning about this until I some how found Forks over Knives. I leaned the term Vegan from there. I was curious so I searched “Vegan Documentaries” in Google and came in contact with Earthlings and Cowspiracy. After that I was neither a carnist nor a passive vegan.

[I considered my self lacto-vegan then because I was really struggling to find things that did not had written “milk” in their ingredients and also because I was unknowingly consuming milk products which my family members were putting in my meals secretly. It was frustrating at first but I later understood they were doing that because they care about me, because they believed humans needed some kind of animal proteins to live. Conditioned Carnism.]

That’s when I began this blog as a frustrated vegan. I wanted all animals to be set free but I felt helpless, which made me more frustrated. Over the time I have learned about carnism and changed my aggressive plan to Gandhism. I learned making people understand my viewpoint is more important than blaming them for doing what they don’t think is wrong. Unapologetic way may be is faster but educating people is more permanent solution.


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