Minimal : Workout

I started working out to gain weight and it stayed with me forever. I did go on and off the routine. I procrastinated, broke the habit, and rebuilt it. More than twice. Even though last years routine was pretty simple, it still felt too much detailed for me. So I searched online, came to know about The-Minimalists 18 Minute Workout, and adjusted according to my preference.

It basically looks like this:

  • Day 1: Push Day, Just do Push ups.
  • Day 2: Pull Day, Pull Ups.
  • Day 3: Leg Day, Squats.
  • Day 4: Same as day one.

So, it’s basically a PPL split on a continuous loop, which means I get to workout everyday.

The Reps/Sets is also classic 12/3 with 60 seconds of interval between sets.

This is simplest I can go and it’s working perfect for me. I do add diversity to it according to my mood, but it stays fixed when I don’t feel excited or I am in a hurry. It’s short so I can adjust later in the day if I have missed the morning.

Adding Variety:

  • Get a rhythm. Search Bring Sally Up on Google.
  • Add some weight. More effective, less time.
  • Enjoy variations of the exercises.

Note: I shared it as an example how easy and simple working out can be. No one is too busy to not have 10 minutes in a day. This is my fixed regular routine to keep me on track. I do train for skills regularly.


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