How To End Racism, Sexism, & Socialism


WTH is happening in the world? It’s been pretty long when we humans achieved the so-called title of “modern, socialized, (*insert adjective here)”

No matter how many faces the Hate has the characteristics are the same. It’s always a group feeling Superior to a group with different physical and mental characteristics. It’s that disgust, unacceptability uneasinesses one’s toward the different.

But no human child is a born hater. They easily adapt to the environment they have been put in. Hate is a learned habit. They learn it on the way growing up. And with all doubt buried down, all questions neglected and all compassion being beaten away they become the perfect member of the society.

They learn why their religion, race, color, class… is better than others. It goes down to choosing a football team. Many say that’s how it should be and rarely anyone questions where it all starts.

The pure vessel of the child’s body is blessed with chemicals like kindness, compassion, love, and curiosity. All work same towards everyone. That’s why the fairy tells have talking animals. Children love animals maybe because they can relate to them more. Both are simple to their mind. They won’t ever think of harming the animal as they consider them as friends. Until the first question arrives:

Mom, where does meat come from?

And the more counter answers distort their inbuilt compassion and kindness, they learn to be ‘okay’ with something that never supposed to be okay with. They start to draw the lines between socially accepted and not accepted instead of between what’s right and what’s wrong.

And the tragedy passes on to the generations after generation.



But why is it that important?

Because it’s where the learn that their species is superior to a different one and it’s their right to treat them like materials and possessions. The first ever hate. Way older than societies ever formed, human went on wars and male domination was a thing. The child grows as the human civilizations grew, not doubting and ignoring something that always happening behind their senses.

The injustice toward innocent, and ignoring it led the domino effect.

Accepting that our species is better than others makes us abuse and ill-treat the inferiors. Same goes with Our race is better, our sexual orientation is better, our religion is better … our football team is better. It’s just being blindfolded and being an active ignorant.

It causes problems. Actually, it has caused cent percent of the problems the modern world has. That’s why we, the anti-speciesists, are here to share the concept, aware the world, and dare to make it better.

“One day the absurdity of the almost universal human belief in the slavery of other animals will be palpable. We shall then have discovered our souls and become worthier of sharing this planet with them.” ~Dr. Matin Luther King Jr.


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