#VeganAnswers: Plants Feel Pain

In a world, where people are getting “smarter” to ask vegans better questions, here’s the No.1 argument ever have been thrown at a vegan.


After being savagely defeated with the “Protein Argument” it’s the most favorite option to bid on. Let’s ruin it.

What is a pain?

To clarify the goal we need to make sure exactly what it is. Pain is mainly mental or physical suffering of a living organism. Plants, of course, are living organisms. But to suffered mentally they need an organ called “Brain”. As the asker assumes they are talking about physical suffering, we can enter the main part of the argument.

Physical suffering is caused by giving uncomfortable stimuli to living things “Central Nervous System” – which evolved to be there to protect the living thing in those situations. We humans and other complex animals are evolved to have such system because we are mobile, we move our locations. But the plants do not have CNS – they do react to environmental and chemical changes but not to pain.


But that’s all inner matter, you have to study to notice them. Here’s a simple way- on account of both plant and animals being cut, one can clearly tell which one is suffering. Because we can relate that feeling with them. Because we are like them, and we know what causes suffering. Additionally, you can’t cut just the cow’s leg and wait for it to grow back. You can do that with most of the plants. And that’s why slaughter houses have the walls.

Even if plants felt pain…

Adding more to it, if the arguer cares for saving the plants then they need to cut animal products because their diet preference is causing “pain” to 10X more pain to the plants than the plant based diet itself. Because you have to waste a lot more plants to grow an animal for meat.

Lastly, it makes no sense to add more suffering to the animals when you can reduce the suffering just by eating a plant based diet. It’s costly, inefficient, unhealthy and NOT NECESSARY!


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