Purslane: The Best Kind Of Weed!

It came as a slight shock to me when I discovered the fact that purslanes are edible. That was more than a year ago. Since then it’s been one of the things I love to add in my meals.

The appearance:

The plant belongs to the succulent family so it has thick and juicy leaves and stems. The leaves are spoon like and the stem is reddish. It blossoms in red or yellow flowers which prefer mid-hot temperature and mid morning time (8.00-9.00 a.m.).

[Note: There’s also a similar looking plant with HAIRY STEMS – Stay away from it ’cause that’s toxic]

From my experience, I can tell this small looking plant grows with a ‘like a boss’ attitude. It can grow any are area suitable for plants and is fast at its job.


It tastes funny. Mostly crunchy and slightly sour – that was a strange taste for my tongue when I had it in my mouth for the first time! But it’s not bad at all.


The main reasons I added this to my diet are-

  • It contains Omega 3, the best plant based source available to me.
  • Loads of Vitamin A & C
  • With Minerals like Zinc, Calcium, & Magnesium.

[They also contain 40% water and antioxidants]

Recipe: (Best Summer Salad)

Keep this stubborn plant in your garden and it will help to keep you at your best!


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