ECOSIA Review (A Green Search Engine?)

A couple of months ago I came to know that there’s a search engine helping the earth to be more green. They are publicly declaring that they are using a major amount of their profit to plant trees. Sounds like a good deal, right?

It indeed seems like a good deal and mostly it is. Just the though that I am making the earth greener, just by doing regular online searches gives me enough pull to use it.

But for sure it is not as great as Google and not as handy also. That’s why I choose it as optional. So that every time I do some casual and unprofessional searches, I get the feeling I am planting trees. (And it has a counter too)


Is it trustworthy? Maybe yes, maybe not. Not because the numbers can’t show prove to justify themselves. And yes because, even it plants 1% of the number shown…still something good. And I believe even it may not be 100% it’s not ‘nothing’.

This post is not sponsored obviously. This is a review from a person who tries to make the future earth greener than today, to all of the people with same vision. It may not be the best thing, but, it may speed up the process – even it’s by a little bit.

You can try it by yourself here –


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