Speciesism: The Domino Effect

If you want humans to respect each other teach them to respect other life forms. Hate is a learned habit.  Lions or tigers don’t kill herbivores because of hate, it’s a natural instinct. Humans can’t even kill a rabbit naturally, we have to learn it.

Seeing a human baby fetching a lizard or frog and chewing them would be a disturbing scene. A normal human with natural instincts can hardly do that. We have to deform the animals visual appearance, taste, and smell to make it appetizing. The hardest part is convincing the kid “it’s okay to eat some animals” as kids naturally have a lot of compassion towards animals. But once that is numbed the rest happens like a domino effect.

The child learns that he/she is superior to other species – a negligence and hate towards other species is formed subconsciously. This is the birth of speciesism – the root of all other “hates” of a human life.

We all are special, but not more special than others. Wanting to be more special is nothing but an act of disrespect and hate.

  • My species is more special than that species – Speciesism.
  • My race is more special than that race – Racism.
  • My gender is more special than that gender – Sexism.
  • My class is more special than that class – Classism.

I hope you got the point. No child is a born hater. But once he/she learns to feel more superior than other species – it becomes easier to accept and adopt other kinds of “hates” and disrespect.

As long as there are slaughterhouses… there will be battelefields.”

-Leo Tolstoy

The sad part is that not every human is a hateful person. We are aware of the guilt we carry inside for harming animals, most of us are aware of the unnecessity of harming animals yet we fail to accept it externally. Because many of us are afraid. Afraid to be judged. Afraid to take a stand for what you believe is right. Afraid to fit out.


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