Why Minimalism Matters: A Thought


What about someone who is a mess and stressed? – Minimalism is not always about materials. It’s about having control over Thoughts, Habits, Finance, Health and every other thing can be named.

Being a consumer: We are surrounded by a system that pulls us, distracts us. News, advertisers, gossips, and flashy everything – We need to calm down, take a deep breath and have to be proactive enough to stop us from being consumed by these.  A consumer who’s the one getting consumed when it comes to unnecessary and unaffordable.

Being a user: The simplest way to get rid of complicated is to ‘start reasoning’. It may sound like a hassle but to have some genuine reasons behind “Why I have this”, “Why I am doing this”, or “Why I need this” will actually make you more of a user than a consumer.

Too much clutter: If one’s opinion never mattered there won’t be that much of waste we see today in the modern world. The “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle” slogan would never be written. Because as humans we all are pretty much alike, what one wastes gets wasted by multiple people.

Things are not happiness: We all are brought up with a conditioning process that we live in an illusion. The illusion tells us to copy to be happy. Happiness is a choice, not a supplement – you can’t get it at the store.

Stress is out of hand: The more things we put our mind into the more we get consumed. It can be both good or bad. Putting minds on health, relationships, and achieving certain things actually gives you a pull towards growth aka happiness. On the other hand being chained to unnecessary things for temporary comfort slows down or prevents the consistent growth you may need.

More is more: Strings are stress more people cut the strings pulling them back more people will be stress-free. More people moving towards a simpler form of life more simple the system will be. The more people going to be healthy mentally or physically more healthy society will be.

Stop copying, be copied. 😀



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