CLIMATE CHANGE: The Biggest Hole On The Boat

What would you do?

Imagine,  a boat in the middle of the ocean with multiple holes of different sizes at the bottom of it. If you got a chance, which hole would you block at first? The small ones or the big ones?

My common sense tells me that fixing the bigger holes will be always on the highest priority. As they are stronger and faster to make the boat sink than smaller ones.

Climate change is on news now!  It took us almost 200 years to finally giving it attention[1].  The weather is warming, we all are aware of it now. And the graph is going higher every year:


Everyone knows how powerful is this warming of the weather is and most of the human race is aiming to stop this ASAP. At the time when many of them are focusing on reducing consumption of fossil fuels by focusing more on renewable energy sources (Which is great!).


Carbon dioxide and Methene are main culprits of this challenge and are the water that sinking the ship.

Main two holes:

  • Industry and fossil fuels create 21% of the GHG. (2)
  • Animal agriculture causes 18% of the GHG emissions. And it reaches 51% if the byproducts of it are added. (3)

Methane is 25X stronger than CO2 (And LiveStock is one of the main sources of it) (4)


The second hole is clearly the biggest one. It has to be stopped as soon as possible to reduce the number of casualties.

Here’s what Food and Agriculture Organization is saying:


Our leaders are telling us to partially fix the hole partially while completely repairing it is an easier and permanent solution. This problem is our personal responsibility and we all should work towards solving it every way possible.

Related image

“You are not an environmentalist is you eat meat.” ~ James Cameron

Read more: (here)(here)


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