My Only Mission


Like everything we do in our life needs enough quality reasons to keep on doing that. Every habit and personal choice require a fresh motivation for keep following that path. All we need is a big WHY to do something important, something that has a larger impact outside of our small life.

Everything we do has some effect, some impact. ~ Dalai Lama

Keeping that note: everything I do has to be related with veganism – my eating habits, clothing, anything that helps me grow. From how much plastic I am using to how much “processed-food” I  am consuming: every act is more or less to support my belief.

Like many other people I want to be a part of making the earth a beautiful place. Again. Be it by reversing climate change, limiting carbon footprint, justifying  or making an impact on ending the world hunger. The only thread that connects all these vital areas is VEGANISM.

As it is growing I want to be a part of it to amplify it’s speed even if it’s the smallest contribution. By representing a healthy and vibrant lifestyle and to educate more people to take part on this – is my simplest, strongest, and never-ending motivation of my life.


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