Are Vegans Superiors?

Lately, I was scanning through Quora on the best way to turn the world vegan and I found this:


That is pretty much how many people think of vegans. And it’s completely okay. I am saying this because having some perceptions is better than none perception. As long as people are becoming more aware of the concepts of veganism, it’s making progress. Even if 1 out of every 100 persons is considering to go vegan after learning the truths IS PROGRESS. That’s all matter to me.

Now going back to the misunderstanding of this person, as I said earlier many people thinks that of vegans. They think as humans vegans choose this lifestyle to degrade the people who are not following the same path. That’s half true. Because I know there are some vegans who are so frustrated with this world that they want to turn the world vegan as soon as possible. That’s actually a good spirit. But the problem with them is that forcing other’s to follow a path seldom servers the deed. I understand them because I was a frustrated vegan once. But these vegans never think to make non-vegans inferior; they are just hopeless and helpless.

Willing to be or act superior was never a goal to veganism. It’s actually opposite. Vegans do not represent superiority that’s why they don’t use animal products. And I agree that some vegans do feel or act superior to non-vegans, but that’s all from frustration as I said before.

So just claiming that veganism is a show-off, does nothing good or bad. It just wastes time. Acting is more important. Even though veganism is not the best way or the perfect way, vegans are taking action. They are practically thinking and making it their responsibility to stop and reverse climate change. That’s why many of the top 1% are vegans and vegetarians.

To design a better future, veganism certainly is a better way.


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