VeganAnswers: Do Vegans Kill Mosquitoes?

As per ethical judgment is a major part of veganism, the question in the title is supposed to come to everyone’s mind. Fun fact is that it is far better than “protein” one.  Let’s see what can be done here.

In the vegan or any ethical world killing or harming other beings is considered extreme. And it is extreme because it is unnecessary.  It’s not necessary to kill in order to survive in this comfortable society. We all are aware of it.

But when things get out of the hand the story changes. When you are being attacked by someone whose aim is to kill you; be it a bear, a dog or even a human, there are only two paths to survive. The first is to escape (if possible) and the last resort is to kill. And honestly, if I was being attacked fatally I would kill anything. Because that’s when killing is necessary.

Even in the wild, cows who are one of the peaceful animals attacks the predator as their last resort. And they do kill mosquitoes if they are unable to shake them.

So, with the same perspective killing mosquitoes is fair to me. Not that I chase them in the bushes (it’s India, the mosquitoes will find you) or use chemicals on them, I just use the manual control.

But this act is not something to promote or defend killing for entertainment and luxury purposes. Defending yourself to survive and pleasing yourself are completely opposite poles.

So this is what I think it is. Please feel free to leave your opinions in the comment section.


Ritwik Chakraborty.


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