2016:September, October & November Goals Update

I am back!

I know I am late but at least I have returned. And I am sorry for not keeping up with my targets. I have reasons for that (And excuses and laziness also).

Many things occurred during past three months and my duty was to let you guys know but I failed. Well, temporarily.

Here’s how my last three months were:

  1. Let’s talk about health first. In late September I got a chance to travel and I went to Purulia for 4-5 days. I was happy and so was mother nature.She gave me a gift on my way of return – a bunch of Salmonella typhi.  feasting inside my intestines. And before I could change my mind thinking “it’s just another fever” it was able to ruin the entire “Durga Puja Festival” week. Someone who got typhoid (I hope nobody ever gets it) they will know how it makes the body useless with bonus rashes on the whole body (which lasts for a month -_- ). Even though the bacterias were flushed out of the body within a week (Thanks to my doctor and my willpower) my felt like dumplings with no fillings inside. Weak and dizzy and irritating. That lasted more than 8 weeks before I could go back into my daily routine completely *Phew
  2. Travel. It is already written that I went to the west part of West Bengal. I am grateful that I will not be ending this year without achieving a goal I’ve been putting off since the stone age. (Even though the goal is half achieved it still counts.)
  3. Books. I am glad I have read more than 13 books. I am currently going through The Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins. I am also looking forward to by some classic novels from the coming book festival here (because  I am a noob in that area).
  4. Income. I was not reggular to this area and was pretty much depending on my parents while I was sick. I checked my KDP account and was glad to see my old books were still making sells. I am going to focus more on it from now.
  5. Veganism. I am glad to say that even though I was suffering from typhoid I hadn’t consumed any animal products except a 40g pack of soup which had 0.4% dairy in it  Another thing I must mention is that I held an Earthlings-Experiesce in my room with a group of teens and there reaction was priceless. Not only most of them considered to reduce consuption of animal products but also some of them wanted to proactively share this Earthlings-Experience with their friends, family and teachers. That was one of the best feeligs of this year.
  6. Blog. Let’s not talk about that! 😀

Conclusion: Even though I had thrown of my track I am happy and proud for getting back up again and restart from the scraps. I know by far this year was best to beat me out of my comfort zone. And today while I’m writing this the only phrase comes in to my mind is “Keep swiming.”


Ritwik Chakraborty


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