How To Never Run Out Of Blog Topics: 7 Tips That I Found Helpful

Every blogger gets into blogging mostly for sharing his/her existence and experience. But it’s sad that 95% of them give up eventually.

Before I start the list,  I must confess that I ain’t no pro-blogger and this post is not about “how to market your blog”. This all about enjoying writing and building a momentum.

7 Tips To Never Run Out Of Blog Topics:

  1. Tell Your Story. And that’s exactly how you start and continue personal blogging. Sharing your daily experiences will save a lot of thinking hassles (Though you have to be creative but you will have a clear outline about the topic).
  2. Read More. The more you’ll read the more your boundaries will expand. Whether you read books, blogs, or anything – you’ll always find new ideas and perspectives about life to share in your blog.
  3. Share Your Perspective. Giving your own opinion. Daily many incidents happen in the world, you can always make your opinion out through a blog post about them.
  4. Topic Breeds Topics. More you look for the more you will find – that’s how amazing our mind is. You can always came up with multiple sub-topics from a topic. Or you can also divide a larger topic into multiple small topics.
  5. Take A Walk. What I mean is move your body. Holding a posture for a loger time makes the thoughts dull and lazy that’s why it’s useful make more movements in your postures to help the blood flow and detoxicate the muscles. You can do whatever movement you want, I prefer walking because it helps me to think more productively.
  6. WordPress Blogging University. There’s this site which has some great contents to feed your blogger self to start and improve blogging.
  7. Every Topic Is Worthy. In whatever area your mind may be wondering about write it down everytime you notice it. You don’t have to write a full essay about it but the ‘topic name’ or even some key points will be enough for getting the out line. It sure can be garbage, but it doesn’t matter. I am not telling you to post it and neither I am suggesting you to writing all day long. Writing down everytime you came up with an idea is a great way to get a list of topics you may want to write about in the future.

I hope you’ll find these tips usefull to apply in your blogging life. As I said before I am not a proffessional blogger. The above tips are some ways I used to keep writing new posts. Let me know in the comment section if you have any other tips to add in the list, I would be really happy to learn from you.



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