First Thing In The Morning : Drink A Glass Of Water

A few years ago a friend of mine suggested me to drink more water to get rid of cracked lips. As the first thought, I found it weird. Maybe because I was expecting her to utter some herbal or medicinal names as the solutions of my year long having dehydrated lips. But, thanks to her that I came know about this inexpensive and but 100% effective solution. Drink more water.

The thought of writing this topic came into my mind while I was reading about a study claiming how a huge number of the city population drinks less water than required. At certain stages of my life, I also thought the water was supposed to keep the throat from drying out. A sip of water was enough for my body as it was serving the purpose. Crazy right? (And probably that’s how I came up with permanently cracked lips :D)

Today, I drink 4+ liter of water in a day and as the first liter goes down as the very first drink of the day. And this post is all about that.

For many people, the first thing in the morning is a cup of tea or coffee. Even in our house out of six people I am the only one who prefers “just water” in the morning (Yeah! I failed to convince them!). I don’t hate the other choices, but, that thousand milliliter is a must for me to start the day. Here are few reasons I made this deal with my morning habits.

  • Our body needs water. After 7 hours of no water intake during sleep, the body gets dehydrated as it sweats and breaths. The water as the first thing for the stomach is the best thing it ever needed.
  • It prepares the stomach to effectively absorb the nutrients easily. And helps to prevent any stomach disease including ulcers. 
  • It improves blood flow.
  • It balances our body pH.
  • It helps to Reawaken the sleeping muscles

The list could go on. But the most interesting thing is whatever the complicated chemical things happen inside the body, drinking a glass of water really makes you feel good in the morning. For sure it helps to get rid of the grumpy morning mood. Try at least one time, you’ll notice the difference.

If you are willing to adopt this extremely beneficial habit, the following tips may help you:

  • Keep it in front of your eye, so that, when you wake up it gets easy to notice it, and never forget to consume it.
  • some have problems with drinking that much of water on an empty stomach. They should start with whatever the amount is doable to them, and increasing the amount gradually.
  • Try adding few drops of lemon to it to give it a taste and make it easier to drink.
  • To adopt this (or any) habit, go for the 3×3 rule. Which is do it regularly 3 days at first; then 3 weeks and 3 months.

Obviously, one can drink tea, coffee, juice, smoothie, or whatever they want in the morning. But before they drink those at least a glass of water should have reached the stomach already.



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