Why I Don’t Read,Watch or Hear The News

One of the best habits I am proud of adopting is not giving mainstream news importance. Most of the self-help  I have read so far suggests such act. Being a person who starts his day with a newspaper and a cup of tea I learned that it didn’t contribute any significant value in my life. It was simply a disorganized, time-wasting, and counter-productive habit of mine. Though it is a very common habit but it surely is not a worthy one. Here’s why:

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.” ~ Mark Twain

  • The day starts with too much negativity. 80% of the news is based on violence. Starting the day with negativity in mind makes the rest of the day harder to tolerate.
  • There’s no justified importance of it. The news is unnecessary for our daily routine and the worst food to keep a peaceful mind. Why has everyone to know what’s going on the world while it doest not affect any area of their life?  It’s just too much unwanted information with zero value
  • If it’s something important you will eventually hear about it. Your goal is to be aware of something not know before everyone knows it. If something important happening out there you will see people talking about it. Just ask them and they will give you all the details.

It’s been more than three years since I quit actively getting informed about the news. And I never felt isolated from the world. I always see people discussing what’s happening and if the news is that much important/big it eventually reaches my ear.

There are many other ways to spend time (average 1/2 – 1hour daily):

  • Read books.
  • Listen to songs.
  • Spend quality time with friends or family.
  • Maintain a garden.
  • Anything else that can fill up the time while you are productive and proactive.


  1. Go one week without news. This will be a fun way to learn how much time you can save and how bad you want to get informed. Tell people around you to help you with this challenge.
  2. Can’t go for a week? Go for at least 24 hours then.
  3. See how long you can live without news. Reward yourself after you have completed the first 7 days and then aim for a longer time frame.

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