Sick Veganism: Did Plant-Based Diet Decreased My Immunity?


Maybe this is ironic but the reason I came up with this topic is that I fell sick during this monsoon (that night was hella cold). In addition to that, I got a bruise on my thigh on the very next day (but that’s not the main topic). The problem is that some are blaming veganism for me being sick while many of my neighbors are having the same problems.

People are always there to criticize you if you think outside the box. I don’t blame them because they continuously got conditioned by traditions and cultures. It’s hard to accept what you have been taught since you were born unless you really want to doubt those lessons.

What makes the body super immune?

To be honest, it’s not based on one factor. While growing up I was fulltime-sick-kid (Omnivore too). During every season change, I would easily catch some cold and fever (Maybe because I was underweight). After getting curious (and frustrated) I started investing time in learning about health. I built habits of working out and eating right. But I still got sick.

I have seen people who exercise regularly getting ill and I also saw people who maintain a healthy eating habit falling sick. Though they both have lesser chance to catch the flu than an average person but still can be victims. Even a person who maintains both areas can get sick. The good news is being super immune is achievable; one just needs to be aware of the third pillar of it.

The main reason people get ill:

Stress. Too much stress makes the body easier to get attacked by  germs. Going through continuous stress burns up many emergency hormones in the body and makes the immune system weaker. Maybe subconsciously my body was going through stress and it created an easier opening for it to collapse.

What’s the role of veganism here?

Not much. But actually, I got sick after a really long time (Broke my personal records 🙂 ). It’s true that veganism (or any other diet) won’t make your body bullet proof. Because it’s not the only thing that matters. But 1/3 is a really important factor and average vegans are much healthier than average omnivores.


I recovered faster. Seriously. I took rest. Even if it messed up my schedules I learned a lot of things.  Understood my habit patterns that may have caused it and got prepared for the next time (there will be no next time).



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