7 Common Misconceptions About Minimalism

“Minimalism is a tool to live a meaningful life.” ~ TheMinimalists

The quotation above is the best to-the-point description of minimalism I agree with. Nothing more, nothing less. Just being obsessed with a purpose driven life.

  1. It’s not a Religion. Many tend to ask if this choice of life is out of religious beliefs. But minimalism is completely based on personal preferences. One does not need a guru or guide book to find happiness and meaning in life.
  2. It’s not Sacrificing. Well if you look at it another way it is a sacrifice. A sacrifice of a complicated life, a sacrifice of an out of control life, a sacrifice of reasons to be depressed, and a sacrifice to be happy without sacrificing your time, energy and life.
  3. It’s not Numbers. Some people think minimalism is about owning a certain number of items (like 100 or less).  I do agree that many minimalists have certain numbered items but those lists are based on their preferences. You can live with infinite numbers of items and claim to be a minimalist as ling as those all are adding values in your life. (are assets, not liabilities).
  4. It’s not being Cheap. It’s being smart. Spending money on luxuries will end up being wastes. I am no one tell you how to live your life but I can tell you that luxuries give more sense of happiness to the company than to the consumers.
  5. It’s not a Destination. There’s no finish line of this path. There is not limit on things to own, lessons to learn, experience to have. Minimalism inspires and helps you to be in the present without the worries of future.
  6. It’s not Boring. As it’s a journey more than destination it’s always exciting. It’s about constant improvement also. Replacing new items, learning new stuff, having a sense of mission and growth is an endless source of excitement.
  7. It’s not Extreme. It’s actually opposite of it. What’s extreme is being tied. Tied with less time to do more important tasks and sometimes the ‘important tasks’ are unnecessary tasks. It does not force you. Minimalism is all about freedom and being free is not being extreme.

Thanks for reading the article. I hope it covered main doubts people have about minimalism (If I missed anything, please let me know in the comment section bellow).

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  1. Sydney Kate says:

    LOVE this post. I am so glad to see more people understanding what minimalism is all about. Helping people understand misconceptions is a great approach. I would like to share this and give you credit with your approval. Please check me out at minimalistdaily.wordpress.com !

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    1. zenomad says:

      Thanks! I appreciate that.

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  2. Sydney Kate says:

    Reblogged this on The Minimal Life and commented:
    Here is an excellent post on what it truly means to be a Minimalist through the misconceptions it faces.

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  3. ambitiousminimalist says:

    This is awesome – great summary!

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  4. Absolutely true. I hear these all the time.


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    1. zenomad says:

      Thanks! It also is a funny topic to argue with 😀


  5. Reblogged this on Catherine Vaughan's World and commented:
    I started to take steps towards Minimalism since 2011, I’m still trying…
    Note to self.

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