“I am Vegan”

Honestly, I love jokes on the lifestyle I am living. Specially anti-vegan ones. They help me see the other perspective of it (Of course they are ignorant! But hilarious also!). But do they really need to try that hard to make jokes while in the end all the jokes are on them?

I have no idea about that. But, here’s my perspective and ‘excuses’ behind  every time why we have to say, “I am a Vegan.”

To be fair, we mostly use this phrase when it comes to food. While ordering it or discussing it. As the majority of our society consume animal products most of the people assume everyone prefers to have those. That’s why we have to point out every time that there are exceptions like us in the room.

No, we can’t miss every social gathering just because we are vegans.

Animal product based diet is currently the main eating habit of masses. Even there ‘s a list of vegans people on Wikipedia but nothing especially about meat eaters.

And this graph:


Veganism is on the rise (Google Trends)



But don’t worry as more people are learning about veganism every day there will be a time in future when minorities of meat-eaters will get the chance to say, “I am a non-vegan. Please bring  some dead flesh for me to eat.”





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