Best Vegan Documentaries So Far (Updated 2016)

“The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that wrong with the world.” ~Dr. P. Farmer

Veganism is the ultimate way to make the Earth heaven again. It’s on the rise, more people are considering to go vegan as the time passes. Livestock companies can blame following documentaries for revealing the truth. (All of them are available online)


The boss of all. This film will surely question your traditional beliefs. Spy cam videos of slaughterhouses will make your ethics doubt and will raise a big WHY.



COWSPIRACY: The Sustainability Secret (2014)

A brief documentary on the relation between animal agriculture and environment. The facts brought in to light by the team will surely question why the most of the population is ignorant about the obvious disasters of near future.




The documentary is a complete illustration of how the “Healthy Non-vegan Diet” is an illusion. Busting the myths of modern diet containing meat and milk with researches like “China Study” and other real life examples.





An entertaining journey of three meat eaters through a six week vegan challenge. They actively and easily adapt to vegan lifestyle after the truths behind fancy advertisements of animal agriculture are exposed to them.




A thought provoking movie about the hatred everyone seems to forgot about. Believing that other life matter less is the root of all the hatred and wars among humans. This movie certainly illuminates the dark-sides of compromised morality.


SIMPLY RAW: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days (2009)

Six diabetics go for a 30-day plant-based challenge, and ends up flushing out the “incurable “disease completely from their system without any medications.



UNITY (2015)

The second part of the earthing series is a mesmerizing documentary narrated by hundreds of personalities. The core topic of this film is humanity and philosophy on what it stands for. It solves and provokes many whys.



That’s my list so far. If I have missed any, help me complete the list by suggesting in the comment section bellow. I promise to update this page in the future by listing more valuable documentaries / films on veganism.


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  1. KIA says:

    Reblogged this on The Recovering Know It All and commented:
    Great list. I’ve seen some of these but i will try to see the others. We went vegetarian in Jan of last year and i’m trying (failing) to be Vegan as of my 50th Birthday on the 8th of this month. thx again for the encouragement.


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