Minimalism: My Perspective


I have heard from people, read articles criticized the perspectives of “problems” of leading a minimalist life. Many people have a misconception that reducing ‘wastage’ (Time, Money, Effort, and Energy :)) can make one less productive and passionate. But the reality is, you will make more space for those important things by reducing unnecessities.

What is wealth?

To me, the concept of wealth is having a lifestyle that supports your present and secures your future. If you have lot’s of physical products but those are only for showing your status (Like they don’t add value to your life and has high maintenance requirement) you are actually in a mess despite having money.

Why not be a minimalist?

If you think you can be a minimalist just because you feel or like the concept. Don’t go for it. If you do something with the cause of to feel better, it won’t last long. Moods change, feelings change but passion does not. Get enough positive reasons that the fuel for your passion never runs out. Be a proactive minimalist not a reactive one.

Minimalism is not a state of mind, nor a financial situation. It is not a fixed way. There are no rules to follow. No bucket lists to keep up with. Nothing fake in your life. It’s just one life and making it complicated is not allowed!

You can have everything in the world, literally; and as long as the time, energy, and money you put into maintaining it do not give you stress, you can declare yourself a minimalist. Simple as that!

I not someone to be someone to supervise you about how you “should” live your life. In the end, no matter how responsible you are about things minimalism is a completely personal thing. It has been proved that materials can’t bring us long lasting happiness, they become distractions after some time. Minimalism is a journey; a journey towards happiness. And it’s up to you how you are going to reduce, reuse, recycle your ‘stuff’ to give others a reason and example to remember you.


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