2016: May Goals Update

From the beginning of this year, I made some commitments. And to get more out of myself I decided to share my monthly progress through this blog. The pressure to take massive actions really puts me out of my comfort zone and makes being accountable more enjoyable when I review my monthly achievements. Here’s where I am after the fifth month of this year:

  1.  Read 13+ Books: Reading covers 20% of my daily life. I read a lot of articles and blog posts. Last month I read a non-fic titled How Not To Die by Dr. Michael Greger and a fiction called Paper Towns by John Green which sums up to total 8 books read so far this year.
  2. Build a Passive Income Source:  As I stated in the last monthly update I made 25 unique t-shirt designs to upload on “Merch by Amazon” (Once my request gets approved; it takes 2 months!). I also learned much more about the market through YouTube, Blogs, and Facebook groups.
  3. Travel: It doesn’t have more priorities as the other five. That’s why I am not really focusing on it right now. But I will catch up to it before the year ends.
  4. Vegan: I am learning about veganism and getting more passionate about it. I read a book about it. Watched three documentaries- “Speciesism”, “Vegucated”, and “Cowspiracy” and learned about more serious reasons to be vegan.
  5. Workout and Meditate: Because I don’t really follow any specific routine I like following the  Darebee.com workouts. These make exercise fun and really help you to push your limits. So far I am addicted to getting exhausted and starting to hate rest days 😀
  6. Blog: The graph is going up and I have so many things to write about yet. The blog did 2X better than last month. Can’t wait to seen what it brings in June.

Yesterday I wrote a post about my thoughts on what happened in the Cincinnati Zoological Garden. These kinds of incidents really make me doubt the relations humans have with animals. I will request you to read the post and share your opinions about it. There is really something wrong happening and we are constantly ignoring it.

Read: Harambe & Thousand Year Old Questions.



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