Harambe & Thousand Year Old Questions


You know what humanity is? It is a promise to make everything sound and better for everyone. It is about having faith. But I doubt it. I doubt it because I don’t understand it and I am unable to understand it because I am confused about the concept of it. It always seems to me that humanity is a selfish act of giving one species more importance than others.

We, humans, claim to be the smartest of all life on the earth. That means we are the guardians of every other earthlings. As guardians, we should be protection everyone, not torment. Are we not smart enough to understand the responsibilities of being smart? We can predict future, and it’s our duty for god’s sake!

Why there have to be  concepts called “Animal Rights” and “Veganism” when we humans have no right to own any animals in the first place? Why there has to be suffering in entertainment and pain in joy? Same like most kids I love animals from the childhood and I thought keeping them as pets were the purest form of love towards them. Obviously, I was wrong. Because keeping parts of eco-system in a fake environment does not contribute any good to the real environment. And it causes harm to everyone.

Hrambe’s incident was just another result of our own faults. We put a wild animal near humans just to get entertained and earn money, and, he got out of control we killed him. The saddest thing is that the gorilla was killed protecting a human child from other gorillas by humans. How is this even fair in the name of humanity?

Just ten thousand years ago there were 99% wild animals and 1% humans and farmed animals. But today there are just 2% animals are in the wild and 98% percent humans and farmed animals. We literally stole the environment from them and now we are facing the casualties.

Why there a small group of people has to continuously correct faults masses been doing?  And the irony is that those who try to protect everyone from the obvious disaster the world progressing toward often gets misunderstood and humiliated.

We all have just one life to live. We can do whatever we want to do before the sand runs out. We have choices to direct our life towards the things that matter most. One can always live either ‘selfishly’ or ‘selflessly’.

I know that in near future all humans have to go back being vegans like we were in the beginning because we won’t have any other choice. Our own selfish choices caused the global warming and the climate change. There will be a time in when all of has to stop living life to the fullest and start compromising. Surviving will stand higher in priority than economy and politics. That ‘enough’ will be the beginning of the purest form of humanity we all humans will have in common.


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