10 Reasons to be Proud (Right Now)

“Be proud of who you are and not ashamed of how someone else sees you.”

Being proud is accepting yourself for being who you are. Taking pride in everything you have done and learned and earned, accepting all the mistakes you have made in the past so that you can lead a better future. You can’t have growth until you accept what you already have or are. Feeling proud gives you the confidence to live inside the skin, so make sure you are allowing yourself to feel proud each day.

1) You Survived. All those thousands of situations, all those pains, hardships, and storms of life gave up making you give up. You and I know how hard it was to have faith but you didn’t give up. Celebrate those moments; they are worth to feel proud of.

2) You Learned. You failed, you learned. You have been taught, you read books and you became wiser, better and brighter than your past self. You understand life better now isn’t that a reason to feel proud of yourself?

3) You Helped. You are kind, you were there when someone needed you. You did your best to make others feel best. You volunteered, that’s an awesome reason to feel proud.

4) You Made People Laugh. That upset friend got their pattern broken as you did silly stuff to make them laugh; you did a great job.

5) You Never Gave Up. You believed in your dreams, in yourself or some idea and took the stand for it. The more challenges you faced the more determined you got. You have faith and you never gave up. Feel proud for being so stubborn.

6) You Inspired. By not giving up or doing something good you have inspired people around you. You took a stand and lead a change which made people want to be like you. You are a hero, be proud of it.

7) You Gave. You gave your precious time, money and even your energy to someone else to make something better out of it. You know the secret of living is giving. Remind yourself that and take the time to feel proud of yourself.

8) You Loved. You loved unconditionally. Feel proud that you were able to love when you didn’t get anything in return. Feel proud you loved even when you were being hated.

9) You Understood. You are a great person. You understood why someone acted rudely toward you. You understood the reasons why everything was the way they are. You understood and did not blame. Feel proud of it.

10) Your Country. The people who made your nationality feel proud, feel proud of them. The people who made your life easy feel proud for them. Feel proud for being able to live in a country where so many great people were born and guided the humanity towards a better future.

Being proud does not mean to take credit for everything you did in the past but it is to remember and feel the feeling you felt in those moments. Take out time for yourself in the morning to allow yourself to feel the amazing feeling of being proud. Feeling proud about something is a pleasure that makes us do something again and again. So, I will encourage you to look at the areas of your life to find the moments that made you proud so that you can repeat the actions to have that feeling again.

What are the ways you make yourself feel proud? Share them in the comment section.

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