10 Reasons to be Happy (Right Now!)

Be Happy & Smile 🙂

Being Happy is always the most wanted state to be in. We all want to be happy at every stage of life. Why? Cause being happy makes everything easier to handle.

But in the present world, most of the humanity is sad; there are lots of people around us who is depressed, fighting or blaming everything around for the current situation they are in. All they want to be is happy and peaceful. We are killing each other to be happy!

The interesting thing is happiness is a result of physiology than mentality. Our body language decides our emotions, is it hard to identify a cheerful person and a depressed person by their body language? How they move their body is they way they feel. Emotions are created by motion (E-Motion= Energy in motion). And we all can move the body as our own will. If we can control our body, we can control our mind. Think about it!

Happiness or every other emotion is a reaction of hormones released inside our body by certain body movements. Chemicals like Oxytocin, Serotonin, Dopamine and Endorphins are the culprits that make you feel happy.

So, let’s find some ways you can release them in your body:

1) You are Alive. Isn’t it awesome? You are still breathing, after all, this happened. You have experienced so many amazing moments by this far of your life. Not only you thrived in great times but also, you took the challenges and survived them.

2) You are loved. Everyone loves you. Your family, your friends, your pet dog(The most!). Even the person who does not know you but praying for make everyone happy loves you. The people you don’t like, they even love you deep inside (How can you know?). Trees love you, nature loves you, I love you cause you are fabulous in the way you are. You are appreciated by everything for being you.

3) You are better. You are better than the people who blame everyone because they are not happy. You are in a better lifestyle than most people.

4) You are a winner. Every time life knocked you down, you got up and held your ground and sang back at life “I got the eyes of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire… Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me…” 

5) You make others happy. Remember the time when the person started smiling as you smiled or did many awkward and silly things to make your depressed friend smile, and it worked!? The more happy you become the happier life around you gets.

6) You look awesome. Remember that photo where you were the corners of your lips were growing toward the ears, you look good even when your face was covered with cake!

7) You deserve to be happy!

8) You can have chocolates. Or ice-cream! Life has so many little pleasures to give you. Everything you have in life came to make you happy, so, why misuse them?

9) It’s free. You own a lifetime free subscription to be happy. There are no limits neither any terms and conditions*

10) The World needs more happy people. Happiness makes you more productive, humble, nice to be around, positive, attractive, awesome… Basically a Superhero, the world needs more superheroes.

“Happiness is a choice not a result. Nothing will make you happy unless you choose to be happy.”

Being happy is actually easy. But if you give yourself conditions that you can’t control, it’d be hard to be happy. Why wait for all planets to align to fell happy? Fell happy every time you touch your nose… it’s that easy!

Thank you for reading.

Let me know what makes you most happy about life in the comment section. I would love to hear about you.

*Be Happy! 🙂


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