Minimalism: A Greater Reason

There are infinite reasons to live but the ultimate one is to be happy. Living a life that is under control, a life which is exciting and a life which is less frustrating is what everybody wants. That’s why people choose minimalist lifestyle; the only way to be happy in life is to focus on the things that really matters. Choosing a life full of cluttered areas will make it complicated aka hard to maintain, that’s why so many people are unhappy in life.

Too many people-

Spend money they don’t have,

To buy things they don’t want,

To impress people they don’t like.

But isn’t that being selfish? Doing the things just because you can be happy… that sounds a self-centered choice, isn’t it? But what if I told you minimalism has a greater meaning than this.

Minimalism affects people around you: You may be the only one in your family who is addicted to living simply currently. But if it is making you happy other members will also love this lifestyle eventually [Though it will take a long time to understand your perspective]. You don’t have to force them, your happiness will inspire them and there will be lesser people buying useless and meaningless stuff to make everything a mess.

Minimalism affects the economy and industrial market: Many people think that not buying (useless/meaningless) products will cause a damage to the economy, but the reality is spending more money than one earns on the temporary things causes more damage in the system. So many people went to debt because of their greed. Buying more unnecessary products causes more harm.  Buying more worthy and useful products will give the industries to produce more of them and lesser products will be wasted.

Minimalism affects the environment: The lesser products will be wasted the healthier the environment will become. And the ultimate reason to do or be anything is to make the earth a better place again. Some temporary negligence can cause permanent damage to the environment and we have to pay the cost through each step we take, each bite of food, each drop of water we use and each breath we take. We have done a lot of damage to our home, let’s commit to taking responsibility and act toward recovering it…

…it always starts individually.

Now, If you believe that going minimalist will create a greater good in the world I encourage you to adopt minimalism and be a superhero!


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