3 Simple Tips To Be A Better Listener

“There is no mystery about successful business intercourse…Exclusive attention to the person who is speaking to you is very important. Nothing else is as flattering as that.”~ Charles W. Eliot

As a human being, we all want to feel important. We all want to feel important and get respect from others. The funny thing is we put feeling important at the first place before making any other one feel special, where we all know what we give comes back to us. If we put our ego at first and take the other person for granted, it’s not wondering that they will react the same way.

Conversations build relationships, creates an impression and help two minds learn about different perspectives, that’s why we need to converse. It also helps our civilization grow as we share our ideas and knowledge. A good conversation requires a good listening skill. Most of us always want to speak more than we want to listen. We are so blinded by the requirement of feeling respected and important we often forgot that others also need those feelings to carry on the conversation.

So here are few tips to improve your listening skills and get healthy personal and professional relationships:-

  • Give importance. Rather than trying to get attention try to give attention. Don’t get busy doing things while having a conversation, the person isn’t a radio. Avoid interrupting and preparing an answer while they are talking. Have eye contacts that represent your curiosity and attention (not awkward and wired ones).
  • Ask Questions. Be passionately curious. Ask questions and make supporting statements to make the conversation easy going. Don’t let the other person feel that he is the only one talking.
  • Let the other person do the most talk. Everyone likes to talk when they get a genuine and honest listener. Every one of us has a story to tell and experience to share. In exchange, you’ll get an honest listener who respects you and that matters the most.

“So if you aspire to be a good conversationalist, be an attentive listener. To be listening, be interested. Ask questions that other persons will enjoy answering. Encourage them to talk more about them and their accomplishments.” ~ Dale Carnegie

Last but not least, be understanding. When someone is in the negative state, whatever it may be angry or depressed, try to understand their perspective on life. Don’t avoid them or force them to feel good, leave them alone if they want to but don’t ignore them. Always keep in mind that you’ll also behave exactly like them if you were in their shoes.

Why is has to be always you? Because you are the wisest one. The other person may not know the importance of listening skills. So, to maintain the relationships you have to be sporty and supportive. It’s great to see that you choose to read the post because you care about your relationships. You can try reading Dale Carnegie and John Gray’s books to take your skills further.

I will also encourage you to encourage others to learn to listen. This will make lots of things easier.

And, Last but not the least, I Highly Recommend all time classic HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE by Dale Carnegie to learn more about understanding human mind & dealing with them.

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Thanks for reading!

Hope you liked this post. Feel free to share your opinions, experiences and questions in the comment section bellow. I would love to hear what you think!


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