#Procrastination: How To Overcome Procrastination

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.”

Isn’t it weird that we often delay the things we must do and get on doing something that can be done years later?!?

The dictionary says Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing something. I think procrastination is good until Something becomes the most important and urgent thing.

Why do we procrastinate? All human behaviors are based on either to avoid pain or to get pleasure. There are some reasons we believe by delaying something will give us a sense of one of them. We may start procrastinating if we –

  • Get overwhelmed by the appearance of the task.
  • Fear of failing to do the task.
  • Get frustrated by perfecting every detail of the task.
  • Feel any kind of pain (or experienced before) by doing the task.
  • Find pleasure of killing time on social media/watching a movie to avoiding the problem.
  • Become overconfidence by believing we can do it in the last minute.
  • Wait for the right time and mood to do the task.

It all leads us to find excuses like feeling lazy of ill; do it later; not in the mood etc. to avoid it at any cost. Delaying an important task gives us a pleasure of relief by having some more time in hand, but it is a false sense of pleasure because the situation will get worse. The true pleasure of satisfaction will come as you complete the task.

Most commonly people procrastinate on exercising, cleaning a room, budgeting, visiting a doctor (!), accepting the mistake and even paying off the bills- most of the important tasks get postponed because we often create useless urgent tasks to avoid then. Seriously?

Consequences of procrastination:

  • Problems will stay the same no matter how much time you waste to avoid it.
  • You will regret not doing it when you had the time.
  • If you don’t finish it now, it will grow and won’t let you do other things you want to do.
  • It will ruin everything- your career, your reputation, your self-esteem and your health.

“When there is a hill to climb, don’t think waiting will make it smaller.”

If you are reading this post that means that you are aware of procrastination and want to help yourself or someone you love to overcome this loop of regrets.

Overcoming Procrastination: Getting out of the loop is actually very easy if you accept it for having. You have to know that none but you can make you do anything, everything you do is your choice to do; if you choose to procrastinate to get pleasures, you can easily decide to act on what’s important to avoid the pains.

There are 4 simple steps to beat procrastination:

1. Create a list: Write down all the tasks you  have to do on a piece of paper. Don’t procrastinate to do it. Writing down will give you a sense of control, and will make it easy to see what you really have to do.

2. Prioritize the list: After you have done writing start prioritizing them. Divide them into 4 categories- (i)Important and Urgent, (ii) Important but not Urgent, (iii) Urgent but not-Important, and (iv) Neither Urgent or Important.

Take action on the category (i) and schedule category (ii); Avoid category (iii) and (iv) those are distractions. This will make the list shorter.

Now for category (i) and (ii) identify the tasks you can outsource to make them done. Hire freelancer or an assistant to take the load down of your shoulder. This will end up with the few tasks you must do.

3.Take the first step:  After having the prioritized list of tasks ready, immediately take massive action toward completing the first task. Don’t wait, don’t worry just take the first step, get engage in doing the task. You do not need any perfect plan, perfect time, or perfect tools just start with all you have now.

4. Keep doing: It’s easy to get distracted, make sure to catch yourself before the situation is out of hand. Get busy, hang a “Do not Disturb!” outside the door if you have to. Your goal is to finish the targeted task within targeted time. Create an outline first and fill it as you grow. No one will be as satisfied as you when the job is done.

Bonus tip: Take care of your body to be sure it doesn’t become an obstacle to achieving what you want.

Hope this post was helpful and added value to your life.

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Just do it! 



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