We, Humans are Just ‘WEIRD’!

From the beginning of human civilization, we are pretty creative, imaginative, and solution maker to almost every problem. These super powers lead us towards all the achievement humans made and epic fails happened in the history.

Like every child in the animal kingdom, we are actually born ‘normal’. It’s some confused theories and rules that make us the weirdest creation ever lived on the planet. I wonder what other animals think of us, “Hey, look at that creature. He’s the most confused one and he messes everything up!”

We are molded so confused by our traditions, cultures, and habits that we focus on luxuries and ignore necessities.

The first necessity we are ignorant about is our food.

We label anything that feels good on our tongue as “Food”. We ignore that if it was really meant to be eaten or if it is healthy for us. We eat things that our body is not designed to digest. So we customize it to the limit and our body fails to digest it, anyway. And it causes stress. To get rid of stress we consume candies and coffee and we ignore the main culprit! We rename the disgusting things to delicious things. For example, hen-period to egg and bee vomit to honey. That’s weird!

The second necessity we are ignorant about is clothes.

The more civilization grew the more versatile we got in solving problems. We made our own way out to protect our body when the weather was against us. We wore animal skins to keep it warm and wrapped leaves to keep it cool. But we are modern now, we don’t live in under the rules of wild and we have developed a complicated emotion called ‘shyness’. Everything is fine until we made clothing luxury. They were supposed to keep us safe from the weather not to make other’s jealous! The funniest thing is we call our own body hair disgusting and remove it. Those were there to make us warm! And when we feel cold we steal it from the sheep. That’s weird!

The third necessity is we are ignorant is shelters.

We need shelters to save ourselves from the outer world, store foods, and many other important things. But lately, it has also become a matter of luxury. We waste too much of earth’s surface for storing unnecessary stuff. The greed of more space leads us to another species home, take over it like they don’t matter. Look for the artificial comforts and blame nature when she gives us back what we deserve. That’weird!

The fourth necessity we forget about is compassion.

As we all claim that we the most important species ever lived here, that means our intelligence is high enough to criticize the concept of compassion. A concept of feeling sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. But we played politics here, a dirty one. We made a new meaning out of it. We divided the concept. Some are okay to be victims and we should protest if others get victimized. How can we rate pain in different scales? Humans feel more pains than lambs? That’s insane and weird!

We invented the god and did exactly the opposite he told us.

I am an atheist but I follow the moral concept of all the religions out there. “We shall not kill or steal.” Most of the population is religious and most of them forget about it. That’s hypocrisy! We torture and kill innocent beings and steal their stuff from them. As an excuse, there’s always “The God told us!” to defend them. We are so ignorant about the god’s creations that we choose to worship things we made. A fabric cloth has more emotional value than a living creature of other. If god made us, he made us herbivores both physically and psychologically. We are the ones, who messed it up.

We are the only philosopher species on this planet (Not the Owl!) cause we invented the word and the concept of it. We made rules not to harm or kill anyone. We are the ones who break them! We invented hatred, and we are the worst offender of it. We claim ourselves to be the most intelligent and superior to others but then we compare ourselves to others. If we are the guardian of this planet, we have to be the protector of it, not the destroyer.

I am not aginst human civilization neither I am saying we should go back in wild, that’d be ridiculous (imagination). All I am saying is that we need a better perspective to understand life and solve everything. Everything we messed up. Before it’s too late we need to end speciesism for the benefit of everyone.


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