Vegan Diet: Vitamin D

Another annoying informative post for non-vegans as they all eat animal products just to get the vitamin D!

This will be a small blog tho, let’s get directly into the topic  🙂

Same like other vitamins, vitamin D is a key to get certain jobs done in the body. In this case, the job is to help bones to absorb calcium.

The lack of it: The lack of this major vitamin causes many common problems like weak bones, heart diseases, some type of cancers and weak immune system.

How much we need it? 15 to 20 µg / day is enough for any average person.

Vegan Sources: Though fish oil is loaded with it, that doesn’t mean stealing is okay. We have better alternatives:

  1. SunLight: Vitamin D is produced in our skin when Ulta Violet rays from the sun touch it. Staying under the burning sun, without any sunscreen for 30 minutes twice a week is enough for you to save your health, planet, and money.
  2. Mushrooms: They do have Vitamin D. Some with 10 µg per 100 grams!
  3. FortifiedEverything: Cheers vegans! We have everything fortified with vitamin D. From soy milk to almond milk and to orange juice to cereal, everything.




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  1. Vegan Mammy says:

    I live in Ireland and it’s not very sunny, so I take supplements, much better than stealing from animals. 😀

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    1. Than you so much for being responsible! I also take supplements when I am out of those resources 😀

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