3 Inspirational Vegans I Look After


It’s good to have role models. They inspire you and show you the ‘path’. By having a role model the life you want becomes easy. They show you ‘it’s possible.’

Everyone must have at least one role model in life, they make life easier. I have lots of them. I copy what they did to have a perspective, lifestyle, health pretty much everything useful. Technically I am a fused/hybrid version of all the role models I have.

Save with my vegan thoughts. I am inspired by  20+ vegans but it would be a long post if I talk about them. So, I sorted them out to 3 people who’s life inspired my vegan life most!

Frank Medrano:

Vegan bodybuilder and professional calisthenics trainer. His superhuman strength is fueled by a plant-based diet. Pretty much like “Saitama”. Just see any of his training videos on YouTube and you’ll know what I am talking about.

He inspires me to workout. If he can fuel his body by consuming leaves, nuts and grains; it’s not impossible for anyone to get a health and energy like him.

Visit Frank’s website to know more about veganism and body weight training, he has awesome diet and training plans: TheFrankMedrano.Com

Leo Babauta:

Being addicted to simplicity, I needed an eating habit that would be high in health benefits and less time consuming. Leo Babauta’s blog helped me to make the deal with veganism. It took me no time understand that vegan food is best for a minimalist lifestyle.

He made it simple and easy for me, visit 7-day-vegan-challange to try it!

Gary Yourofsky:

“It is not your right – based on ‘Your’ traditions, ‘Your’ customs and ‘Your’ habits – to deney animals ‘Their’ freedom so you can harm them, enslave them and kill them. That’s not what rights are about. That’s injustice. There is no counter-arguement to veganism. Accept it. Apologize for the way you’ve been living. Make amends and move forward.”

 The ultimate vegan inspiration for me! This guy woke the hell out of me about animal cruelty.He also gave me enough walls of reasons to confirm that I will never think to go back to meat eating.

Watch this video , That’s all you need!

The main reason I take pride being vegan that I am not supporting animal cruelty, he taught me that. He has a record of getting arrested  13 time’s just to stop the biggest holocaust out there.

Visit Gary’s Website: ADAPTT.org


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    absolutely loved this. -KIA

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