Vegan Surviving In The Wild (Just Busting The Myth!)

Everyone is preparing… well not everyone but most of them. They are preparing to get lost in the wild and have some chicken nuggets there!

But seriously!?! Isn’t this ‘excuse’ to non-veganism make no sense? Let’s analyze and surprise some ‘humans’.

Every time someone asks me this question, the situation makes me confused. No one can predict exactly where we are going to be lost; if anyone could no one would get lost. It’s ridiculous to think that I may get lost in a forest with a rabbit and a weapon. And more you question it they will tweak and mold the situation toward, “You have to eat the meat, okay.”  It’s not fair to not be fair.

All vegans are bad hunters.” And all vegans are bad farmers, guess whose future is comfortable? If there are animals there have to be some plants, that’s how the system works. If you still found an animal without any plants around that means he may be got lost like you. To hunt you either have to set a trap and wait or run after something and killing it after you catch it. In both options, you need a tool. Our body is useless for hunting without any external objects and also, you have to cook it unless you want stomach infections. The better option would be eating some fruits and leaves, they are easy, timeless, healthy, improve your immunity, water-based, tasty…

What if the fruit is toxic?” It could be. Same like it also could be the rabbit you caught has some disease and infections. And it’s easy to educate yourself about identifying toxic plants (in case you get lost in a forest) than to find a way to make fire. You have to be prepared for it.

But I could have a lighter or a magnesium flint stone with me to make some fire.” Can I bring a bag of peanuts with me? C’mon we were not supposed to camp there and have some tea at the sunset. Obviously, you can carry some flint-stones but what if you don’t. There are chances. We are getting lost, it’s unpredictable because it’s reality. We can’t wish the reality be in our favor all the time.

But we HAVE to get some meat to survive.” Our body is made to digest fruits that’s why we don’t need to cook it. Tigers are designed to digest meat, they can eat it raw but can’t digest fruits.  If you compare the anatomy of a meat-eater and a fruit-eater er are 100% fruit eaters. We have molars, longer digestive system, sweat glands and a flexible lower jaw. We HAVE to eat fruits to survive.

What if a predator attacks you?” If it can harm me fatally, I am going to kill it. That’s what survival is about in wild, kill or get killed. But that does not mean I need to kill cows and chickens or any animals that can’t cause any harm to me. It’s stupid and  irrelevant.

Case Closed!

When you are in wild, you have to worry about the first things first. Water is the main survival requirement (after air). If you really want to prepare, prepare yourself to get the water first. Then shelter and food.

Here’s what I may do in the following situations:

Forest: Follow the directions of the roots of the plants to find the river and follow it to reach some locality.

Desert: I am lost if it’s too far away from oasis or rivers. Insects and snakes are the signs there is one near because there have to be some plants to start the cycle and plants grow near water. But if I find none at least, I will try my best to find one of these until I am dead.

Sea: In an unknown location, in the middle of the ocean… I have to completely depend on the current. I don’t know where I am or where I am going, can’t drink the water, can’t expect miracles and nature to be fair with me. If I am at a point where I got a fish and have to eat it, I’ll do it with guilt.

It doesn’t matter if you are vegan or not. You have to be smart and prepared to survive in the wild. It’s not a fantasy land, it is unfair to everyone and that’s how it works. Survival of the smartest!

The conclusion: It’s better to prepare for the zombie apocalypse then to survive in the wild. You’ll barely face any situation like Bear Grylls so it would be better to get out of the fantasy.

Please, share your opinions in the comment section. I really am curious about the topic.

P.S. The Carrot is meaningless.


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