Vegan Ways to Get Rid of Bugs


It’s absolutely not okay to kill bugs as a vegan, in case you doubted. They all are living things like us, they all suffer… veganism stands for compassion also. But now what? It’s not very comfortable to share your bed with thousands of tiny little things. We need ways to get rid of these tiny friends without harming them.

Here are some ways I found more useful than those disgusting pesticides and a rolled newspaper.

  1. Bugs are our friends, if they are having a party in your house that means you invited them. They have their own invitation requirements and they will choose your place only if it is comfortable for them. So, it would be smart to make the place as uncomfortable as possible for them.
  2. Everything is a part of the Eco-system. Your house, all the living things in it including you is just another part of the cycle. You may be aware of just one segment of it but there are definitely other parts.
  3. Identify good bugs and bad bugs. Obviously, there are both types of them in the house. That’s how nature keeps everything balanced. Identify some good bugs and choose to keep them in (only if you are not allergic to them). They will give you a hand (?) to get rid of other bugs. Here some of them you might know: LadyBugs, PrayingMantises, LaceWings – Next time you see one of them, be polite and do say ‘Than You’.
  4. Ants are tougher than humans ever could be. They survived more than 100 million years on earth and found everywhere on this planet. If you get to notice any trails of them just follow them to the hole they are coming out and seal it.
  5. Cockroaches are the ultimate survival mechanism among the bug family. Any wet, dark places with edible items are paradise for them. They are smart, fast,  and unstoppable.The only way to get rid of them is to make the environment uncomfortable for them. Keep your floors as dry as possible, keep food inside sealed containers,  and don’t leave unwashed dishes.
  6. Mosquitoes are annoying. To get rid of them you have to clean surroundings of your house. They lay eggs on anything that holds water for a long time, like vase, broken pieces of toys which catches rain water, small ponds,  and alike.  Make sure to change water regularly, get rid of those items and use fishes like Guppies and Bettas in ponds. There are also attracted by the smell of sweat so keep your body fresh all the time.
  7. Bees and Wasps are not as harmful as they look. They do sting but only when they feel threatened. They get attracted to our skin because of the sweat and water. Just keep your calm and wait for them to go, hurrying might get you stung. There are some harmless insect catchers you can buy to get rid of them one by one!
  8. Spiders are good dudes. They kill many bugs including mosquitoes. The net helps you to keep the air clean by catching dust particles. So it’s okay to keep few in your house for the benefits or you can just break the nets with a stick and they will make a fresh one soon.
  9. Smell is the key.  The vest way to get rid of bugs is to use different kinds of smells. The smell of pepper, lavender, garlic, cucumber will help you to keep most of the bugs away.
  10. Hit two targets with one shot by planting certain plants. Plant trees like Citronella Grass, Catnip, Marie-gold, Basil to get multiple benefits at once (Read more on Wiki)

Many non-vegan solutions are really mean. Boric Acid, Salt and other pesticides are made for torturing them to death. These also do mass murder of a species which creates huge imbalance in their bio-mass and that leads to a wave of domino effects of imbalances in the Eco-system. Everything out there is to help you sleep better at night. But being aware of the importance of those tiny lives and taking care of them gives you the best feeling at the end of the day. And that’s all matters.



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