Into The World of The Introverts : 10 Pros And Cons

In a world where extroverts are valued more, I turned out to be an introvert somehow. Maybe it has to do with the way I grew up. In a world where the one-third of the population is introverted, we still have weird and unique problems. Same as any other way of living here’s a list of pros and cons of being introvert:


  1. Freedom to mind own business.
  2. Ability to concentrate while working on a long time-consuming task.
  3. Finding it exciting to get lots of information about something.
  4. Good at creative tasks like writing, designing, and planning.
  5. Good at observing and listening to details.
  6. Analyzing situations.
  7. Thinking before speaking.
  8. Enjoys long talks
  9. Mysterious to others.
  10. Due to their focusing and analyzing ability they understand people better and can be good leaders.


  1. Bad communication skills. Awkward to new people, takes time to reply, can’t make the first move, can’t be a good sales-man.
  2. Uncomfortable with small talks. Hats small meetings and prefers long meaningful conversations.
  3. LLabeled’antisocial’ and  ‘shady’ for being quite and uncomfortable in social gatherings.
  4. Being not reveling, often have to get misunderstood.
  5. Can’t focus on more than one thing at a time.
  6. ‘Need’ to leaved alone to feel alive and recharge.
  7. Have to be depended on extroverts for certain things.
  8. Hace connections with less people.
  9. Often get ignored in the crowd.
  10. Feeling ‘fake’ because of the aboves.


  • I love silence.
  • I tend to avoid large social gatherings.
  • I don’t like casual and small conversations.
  • I prefer texting over calling.
  • I self-criticize often.
  • I prefer reading more than partying.
  • I cherish being lonely.
  • I love writing, designing, and decorating.
  • I spend 90% of the day in a 100 square feet room.
  • Everyone keeps telling me that, all the time!

Most of the people who were great leaders, made new inventions and changed the world came out to be as an introvert. Albert Einestein, Gandhi, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, J. K. Rowling, Emma Watson and may more are example of it. Which means, it’s not bad at all to be an introvert.


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