Minimalism: Declutter Your Health (Part 2: Training)

Our body is shaped by 60% what we eat and 40% what we do with it. In the previous post, I wrote about minimalist ways you can have a hassle-free dieting. In this post I will share the ways and tips I found helpful to make my own simple working out routine.

Same like the diet our body requires movements. Our body is easily customizable and it becomes the way you use it. If you are hard working your body will express your hard work. Giving your body just 20 minutes of your everyday morning will give you enough endurance to keep many common health problems away as long as you continue it.

Just Starting!

If you don’t have working out as habit here’s how you’ll make it.

  • The first time: Forget about all the perfect plans, postures, and timing. Just do one set of any exercise “now”. Maybe it’s just one push up if you did it now that’s all for the day. It may sound weird but 1 is better than 10 for the fist time, it looks easy and achievable also gives you the confidence to do the second one.
  • 3x3x3 theory: From the second day do any workout for 5 minutes per day for 3 days. Just three days and be regular. After you are done with tree days reward yourself for being persistent  Now make a minimal workout plan (details bellow in the post) and set yourself up for 3 weeks. Once you achieved the second goal, get a reward, intensify your routine and go for 3 months.


Cardio and Stretch

cardio and stretching are the most important part of working out. They prepare your muscles and internal organs for avoiding damages before going to key workouts.

  • Cardio: Cardiovascular training prepares your heart and lungs by raising up your heart rate and maintaining the balance of O2 in blood. Example: Jumping -jacks, Mountain-climbers, Running, Jump-rope etc.
  • Stretch: Stretching loosens your muscles and ligaments up in order to avoid soaring. It also improves blood and air circulation in your body.

Level 0 – Conditioning

Starting slow is the best way to make sure you will last long. Many people start directly going into key workouts and end up with second -day-body-sore. It creates a negative impression in our mind, and we procrastinate to avoid the pain. That’s why I did just cardio and stretches more than one month. It conditions your body to take it to the next level without any soaring.

Level 1- Body weight

Bodyweight workouts are best for the minimal lifestyle. It not only effects on compound body parts at once but also strengthens your muscles without making them stiff automatically.

  • Key Four: Push-ups, Squats, Sit-ups, and Lunges are the main workouts to begin with. They work on the major muscles of your body and prepare you for getting more complex.
  • Get Complex: Once you are used to key exercises you can now focus on smaller muscles and joints. Start adding dips and raises to focus on single muscle groups.

Level 2 – Minimalist Equipment

It’s not a waste to get some tools which will add values in your life. Following equipment will help you to intensify the exercises so that you can have more effect in a smaller time frame.

  • Jump rope: Awesome for cardio, easy to carry and cheap.
  • Resistance Bands: Best for strength and endurance, easy to carry and is under fair price.
  • KettleBell: Better option if you want to do weight training. Kettlebells are versatile and minimalist.
  • Foam Roller: Undoubtedly worthy investment of losing muscle tension and highly effective on sore.

Having a Plan

Great plans create great results, but it would be foolish if one just waits for the perfect plan. There are none.  Just start the journey and keep learning about it on the way. Choose to do at least two key workouts per day and add more as you used to them.

  • Weekly: Workout at least 3x a week. But if you are going minimalist, you can go for 6x, cause there is less time required per day.
  • The gap between days: There should not be more than 2 continuous rest days or there will be a high chance of the habit to break.
  • Flow: Start everytime with Stretching > Cardio > Keys > Stretch.
  • Go for challenges: There are lots of programs and challenges out on the internet. This is a better way to get a goal and know your limits.


  • Start slow. Never go for sudden workout plans on the first day.
  • Do twice daily. If you can, try to workout twice a day.
  • Choose morning. If you are going to once a day, go for the morning.
  • Add more plank time. Have time to do more planks and holds. It will strengthen your core muscles.
  • Stop perfecting the plan. Start from scratch and improve on the way.
  • Don’t forget cardio and stretches. Unless you want sore and hate for exercise.
  • Think less, learn more and do most. 
  • Don’t let your heartbeat settle. Be aware of your resting time, never wait for your heartbeat to completely settle back to normal unless you’ll find it hard to continue the routine.
  • If you are aiming for transformation don’t measure. Avoid measuring till the end of first 3 months.
  • And never ever stop learning about your body.

Read the previous post on minimalist diet.

Thanks for reading! Hope this post was helpful. Leave a comment if you want some more detailed plans and strategies.


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