How To Stop Wasting Time On The Internet (For real!)

“Descipline weighs ounces, Regreat weighs tons.”

As we all know the internet is a vast ocean of resources and was supposed to make out life faster. But at the first place, the many of us get overwhelmed by it and tend to get addicted to surf online. The tendency to waste time online made the concept of internet a curse of one’s life. The whole internet is undoubtedly the most useful medium unless you are not being controlled by it.

Surfing online for no reason is wasting time and it makes us feel pleasure as it shifts our focus from the reality. Getting a false sense of free time makes the life harder to live. Running away from the pain of the reality will not make reality a lie, and you will end up with less time and lots of regrets. The internet works like a never ending funnel which pulls you deeper through links if you are not aware of it.

I also faced the same problem and had to pull myself up from it. Staying online of social media, watching Youtube videos, reading celebrity gossips gave me nothing but regrets. I wanted to hassle be more productive but the comfort of wasting time felt  safer to me. But eventually, I learned to take control and become a proactive decision maker and got out of the loop. Here are some tips I found useful for me:


  • Visiting your email inbox more than one a day. Set the time for it after lunchtime or in the afternoon.
  • Turning on all notifications settings to get a distraction-free interface.
  • Feeling comfort by wasting time. Be more aware of every step you are taking.


  • Finding ways to make work interesting. Try listening to music to get a rhythm or read some inspiring quotes to get motivated.
  • Making step-by-step plans and prioritize your daily to-do list
  • Listing all the reasons to getting enough ‘why‘s to choose your work over wasting time.


Tools that limit your time to stay on a certain site like these to bellow.

And tools like Stopwatch, Timer, Scheduler.


  • Addicted to setting goals and achieving them.
  • In contact with a mastermind team to thrive in productivity.
  • Some companions who will work together and encourage each other.
  • Committed to announcing your goals publically to be more accountable.

For more-

You don’t even have to use all of the above options. Choose what works for you best and get committed to getting out of the loop. You can also try:

  • Reading nonfiction books.
  • Having a productive friend-circle.
  • Learn new things like playing an instrument or enlist your name for a competition.
  • Get a Role Model and a Life Coach.

To know more about being productive and prioritizing tasks check these previous blog posts on zenomad-

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Hope this post was able o solve your problem. Please feel free share your opinions in the comment section.



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