Veganism: Why I Think Non-Vegans Are Selfish?

Why are they so selfish? Why do they think with their tongue?

Let’s blame some meat-eaters!

What are non-vegans and where to find them?

Non-vegans are the kind of people who offends veganism without learning about it. They are the kind of people who believe vegans ignore basic requirements of the human body. You don’t ave to find them, they are everywhere!

All the bloody reasons(excuses)!

Most of their reason makes no sense. It is widely misunderstood that one needs to eat an animal to get enough amount of protein. They also claim that one needs to prepare to survive in the wild (that’s why they eat bacon; Makes sense!). Some of them believe humans are at the top of the food ‘pyramid'(There’s nor food pyramid it’s called food cycle!). There are a lot of  excuses out here to kill an animal: sacrificing in the name of god, following natural instincts (we are all cavemen using iPhones!), listening to our body (and making the whole system sick by misunderstanding the message!) and a thousand more. Excuses, that’s how they convert their wants into needs.

The stupid tongue is running everything!

“Vegan foods do not taste good.” But, are not the spices the reason for the dish to be tasty? As far as I know all of the spices has vegan sources, either they are from trees or they are from the soil. None of the animal sources taste edible good except milk and the smell of raw animal products is literally “mind-blowing”. I don’t know what makes vegan foods taste horrible, maybe they tried to bit a raw bitter gourd(!?!) but what about mangoes? Mangoes are delicious, ain’t they?

Society, the mother of all tongues.

Our culture sometimes makes us do nonsense things, with weirdest of reasons behind them. Doing what everybody else is doing with unjustified reasons behind them is not that smart thing to do. The rituals may be had some legit reasons 500 years ago but following that thing doesn’t make any sense. Killing animals in festivals under the name of culture is not a respectable thing. Family traditions which promote animal torture or environmental damage is not a respectable thing. We may not realize the consequences now but there will be a time when our future generations will be ashamed of our doings like I am feeling of my Hindu forefathers who used to sacrifice animals in the name of god.

They are not selfish, they do care.

But non-vegans are humans also. They have feelings. They are not selfish! They do care about the climate change, they do care about deforestation and global warming. They are aware of world hunger and feel unable to help but they do care. They pretend that they don’t care in the fear of being judged, they may feel alone or they feel numb to take actions about it. There a point in everyone’s life, when we feel to go vegan and live a green life, but all the fear and ignorance lead to the “not caring attitude”. But we all care.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Gandhi

In the end, I am not really blaming non-vegans. I understand that we all are meat eaters at some point of our life. But veganism really doesn’t have any alternatives, you can either change your diet or the dietician and go vegan.

Thanks to the technology that I was able to  get in touch with like minded people, who helps be keep inspired by sharing their vegan jorney and perspective. They give me infinite amout of motivation to learn more and be more active to contribute my energy to make the world a better place again. Veganism is the only option.



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