Effective Veganism: 5 Steps To Save The Earth

Art: “Next” by  W. Jackson Thilenius

Today there are more vegans out there than yesterday. Who do people choose to go vegan? As a newbie, many people find health, and non-violence as the primary motivator to go vegan. These two reasons effective enough give a great start in the world of veganism. But these two are also passive reasons, because, both of the drives are to avoid pain, they influence not inspire (But obviously, they are important). 

At least, that’s my perspective. I believe that veganism should be an active lifestyle. But active I mean having enough reasons behind to choose this lifestyle that other’s will get influenced by you to go vegan. And that is IMPORTANT. The Earth needs more vegans.

The Effective Veganism is about creating a domino effect that will lead the entire world towards veganism. And it starts with the first one every time, which is you.

Step one, the first domino. It all starts with you. Whatever your reason being a vegan is, it’s all about starting. It doesn’t matter if you are the only one that eats “grass” in your entire locality, remember, your choice always matters. I am one of the few people in our locality who “choose” to be a vegan (not raised) because we learned the truth (there’s a difference between knowing and learning the truth).

Step two, Stop yelling. The 1st mistake I made was that I became desperate to make people go vegan, especially my own family. Because, as soon as I learned the reality of non-veg foods, I was so overwhelmed by the damage the industry making through animal products, I wanted to stop it overnight. No doubt, I failed. It’s hard to make people your perspective. Then I got a better idea from Gandhi – Non-cooperation.

“Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as  is cooperation with good.” ~Gandhi

Yelling does not work. Many people would like to take a megaphone to the meat corner of a mall and yell at everyone about why eating meat is bad, that’s ridiculous. To make someone aware of something you have to first understand why they ain’t aware already. You need to understand.

Step three, Understand how the system works. I used to believe that people buy meat because the industry sells it. But later, I learned that they sell it because we buy it. After admitting that I was dumb, I asked, “How am I going to stop it?” and Gandhi gave me the same answer!

Step four, learn about non-vegans. If you ask a non-vegan why they eat meat they will tell, “It’s Nutritious!” but the real reason is, they believe that it’s the only “delicious” in the universe. Firstly, no animal products should be considered tasty because all the deliciousness comes from spices aka plants. As they choose taste over health and pretend to ignore animal cruelty, you can’t beat emotions with knowledge. You have to wait either for their paradigm shift or for them having a heart attack.

Step five, Stop reacting start acting. I know that you know the consequences of animal products on our environment, everyone knows but few people do more than complaining. I believe that you are not among them. You care about this planet and are aware how  important it is to contribute individually to save our Earth. To start, you don’t need to take part in massive acts like yelling trough megaphone in a mall or joining a parade, you just have to stop using the products and services that are harming the environment and eco-system. Start with non-cooperating with these industries:

  1. Meat.
  2. Egg.
  3. Poultry.
  4. Fish.
  5. Dairy.
  6. Honey.
  7. Leather.
  8. Fur.
  9. Silk
  10. Wool.
  11. Circuses.
  12. Zoos.
  13. Any other things that don’t make animal’s life better.

Again, it all starts with you. It’s always in your hand to leave a better place for the future generations. It surely will take some time to get out home back but our individual contributions will help the snowball effect that already has been started.

Be responsible, be vegan.



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