Veganism: The Theory of Killing Plants

What kind of messed up, brainwashed society are we living in where exploitation and killing are considered “normal” and compassion and non-violence are considered “extreme”?

Non-vegans who try to offend vegans often say that we also kill plants to survive. They want us to accept that veganism does not portray non-violence. That’s why they throw the universally confused phrase:

Plants have feelings.

And it clearly says that one needs to kill to get food. They say that they kill because they have to but the reality is they want to.

No one wants to be under the wrong concept, and it’s our natural habit to look for the ways to prove ourselves right. And we also have right to choose and defend our beliefs. That’s why it is easy for non-vegans to blame vegans for killing plants.

Now let’s get back to the main topic, “Do vegans really kill plants?

Killing means the act of causing death and violence means a behavior that involves physical force intentionally hurting, damaging or killing something. 

As it for killing animals, who has a very sensitive nervous system (sometimes way more sensitive than human body) can feel pain in a level human can’t imagine. They really suffer in the process to reach our table. And the worst of all they know what freedom is but their right to be free is stolen just because some of us like the taste of their pain.

Plants, on the other hand, is a source of energy to all the living things on earth. They store the energy from the sun to keep the life cycle on the eco-system going. Every calorie inside foods around us came from plants.

As it goes to feeling pain, to feel it a nervous system is required. It’s true that plants can feel changes in temperature, humidity, chemicals, light and even gravity, but it does not mean they can feel pain. If they had a nervous system their reactions towards those changes would be instant but the reactions are just only chemical changes. One can easily distinguish between reactions of plants and animals under the act of harming them. Plants don’t have any kinds of will, all the thing happens to their bodies is a result of environment they are in.

Killing plants are also the same kind of thing. Most of the grain plants die as soon as their grains are matured, and most of the green is a part of a plant like leaves, fruits, and flowers etc. And naturally plants need animals to depend on them so that they can help to reproduce more plants from seeds.

I hope this post was some kind of informative to you. I really love to share my perspectives on things and also hear yours. So, feel free to share your thoughts and questions in the comment section bellow. I would love to hear them.


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  1. soma biswas says:

    I accpect yor perceptive view on things.. plants have feelings we know all those biological reaction but knowing all this we are going to do habituate. That’s why it is easy for non-vegans to blame vegans for killing plants.therfore,I request to evryone to get proper (above mentioned) information and stop killing plants..thank you Ritwik

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