2016: March Goals Update

At the beginning of this year, I publically committed to some goals and promised to take constant and neverending actions towards the attainment of them. I also stated that I will post updates about the monthly progress I made toward those goals. I do this because I learned that telling other’s about my goals will give me more accountability and momentum.

Click here to see my 2016 new year resolutions

  • Read 13+ Books: By far I have finished Awaken the Giant Within, (Re)How to Win Friends and Influence People, Men are from Mars/Women are from Venus, (Re) Four Hour Work Week and currently reading Think and Grow Rich.
  • Build a Passive income source: Tried to market a kindle book without any pro-knowledge for the 2nd time and didn’t work that well. Still having the problem to get a Credit Card.
  • Travel: Still same as February.
  • Become Vegan: Ate dairy product only once and got more inspiration and motivation from Earthlings.
  • Workout and Meditate: Continued aerobics and started anaerobic workouts. Ate protein based breakfast regularly and gained a little bit of muscle mass.
  • Blog: This was the worst blogging month compared to other two months. I posted just 6 articles and did not touch anything about blog during the 3rd and 4th week of the month.

Conclusion: By far at the end of the first quarter of the year I made progress on each goal I was committed to. There is still 75% left to experiment with my limits.



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